Documentary Kanaal Z – Canal Z

Belgian financial broadcasting channel Kanaal Z – Canal Z made a documentary about Engibex as they highlight companies within innovation. In the video, our CEO and Founder David De Brouwer explains thoroughly the added value of Engibex, describes what makes us different and reveals some of our future plans!

What’s the added value of (working with) Engibex?

I think this enfolds in various ways:

For starters, we are a Belgian company.
Furthermore We have around 20 customers whit whom we prefer a partnership over a supplier-customer story.
Our consultants are our biggest assets. We do everything necessary to provide the training at both project and career level.
We are a company that really has a niche activity today in R&D and product innovation.

What does Engibex specialize in?

There are several things to come to specific know-how.
One is, of course the studies they have already done.

We are very actively working on that. We recruit all over the world at the best universities there are, after that we are of course there to build that knowledge on the job, on projects, that is often in consultation with the customer.
Or it is specifically at the career level and then we ensure the full investment and so we try to train people.
It’s not just about technical hard skills, it’s also about soft skills.
Our leitmotif: “Think as an engineer, act as an entrepreneur”, states this clearly.

Can you highlight future goals?

We want to be more and more an engineering office, where we can do more in-house projects where there is not only a commitment to resources but also to results.
Now, that is really an ambition that I want to achieve:

We are today a good fifty engineers, consultants on the Belgian market. I want to be at the end of 2020, so that means in a good year with about 70, and at the end of 2021 with about a hundred.
If we will be with a hundred engineers, it is much easier to mobilize people and to be able to do projects internally here in our offices.

David De Brouwer

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