Certified Member Federgon

We are a Certified Member Project Sourcing of Federgon.

Certified member Project Sourcing FedergonWhat is Project Sourcing?

Project sourcing or consultancy gives companies, our clients, the option of having projects carried out by external specialists, our highly skilled engineers.
As determined in our company values, we focus on long-term partnerships with all of our consultants. Which means we offer projects that last at least one year.
We are rather specialized in product innovation and R&D projects within the field of transportation (automotive, maritime, aerospace), energy & environment, consumer lifestyle and general industrial projects.

Companies from numerous sectors can utilise our consultants for specific projects where their expertise is required. In this way, companies can have their projects carried out by people with the necessary knowledge and experience, at the right time, in the right role, whether or not on location.

Engibex successfully passed the quality audit performed by BDO in order to achieve the certificate.

This quality label offers:
• Guarantees for client companies
• Guarantees for project workers

This quality label guarantees:
• Optimal quality of service
• Legal certainty and compliance with all relevant regulations (inter alia the article 31 of the Act of 24 July 1987)
• Adherence to the Code of Conduct
• Respect of confidentiality rules
• Use of clear contracts

We will continue to perform our activities with a promise of excellence in engineering.

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